How to turn off Viber’s notification sound

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I believe what mgrove is referring to is the fact that I do not want to put the entire phone on silent mode. However, I do want to turn off the sound alert on viber at night while I’m sleeping or while I’m at work or in meeting. Is there a way to turn off the sound alert (when new text messages are coming in) without having to turn the entire phone on silent mode?

Can you please introduce a function that allows me to disable the notification sounds for viber? I don’t find it acceptable to have to disable all notification sounds on my phone just to stop viber from constantly shooting in my ear that I have a new message. I rather delete viber from my phone.



This is a request that’s known to us, and we are considering to add it in our upcoming future versions.

Meanwhile, we invite you to enter our Feature Request page and post your suggestion there, or join an existing similar suggestion. The more people join on a request, the faster it will become reality.

Viber team apologizes for the temporary inconvenience.


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  1. beyazsurat says:

    it must be available for user could turn off annoying, very unnecessary vibration seperately from sound notification while chat session going on. Who would need with every word or sentence trigs vibration when holding the phone in the hand? More other major chat softwares are very careful about this setting, it’s hard to understand why not in viber.

  2. Ali Soltani says:

    I just deleted viber from my phone since that was the only way I could make it shut up without silencing my phone. I am at work and the viber notification is unnecessary. The fact that I can not shut it down is the dumbest thing I have ever seen in a major app like this. Maybe I am wrong but if I am not this is major screw up in a software like this.

  3. kuma yabushi says:

    I have Viber for android and windows 8.1 tablet.

    It is very annoying that I am unable to turn off the sound notifications even though my Windows sound system is mute.

    I tried even turning off the sound in viber options but the options isn’t available.

    Whats most annoying is when i receive a message I hear the annoying chime which mutes all audio I am listening to for 10 whole seconds each time i get a message.

    I have uninstalled Viber three times already. If this isnt fixed I will delete it permanently

  4. mr mike says:

    Viber staff have lied and lied about putting in a function to mute the sounds for over 2 years. They keep saying ‘we’ll look to implement that feature soon!’, but they never do.

    It’s their marketing strategy, Tango did it before (don’t know if they still do it), they want you to hear their ‘brand’ every time you send and receive messages – enough people will put up with it, and as far as Viber is concerned, to hell with the people that hate the sounds – and that goes for people that aren’t actually using Viber but have to hear their annoying sounds on other people’s devices too.

    In an ideal world, the people responsible at Viber, would be chained up, and forced to listen to the sounds on repeat for a month without rest. But this isn’t an ideal world.

    If you’re a viber user and want rid of those sounds, find another messaging system.

  5. Ron B Cole says:

    I have returned several times to find no progress has been made . Viber still is useless for serious use ir just ca not be silenced or messages stopped while your in a meeting or place that you cant have noise SO I AM ABOUT TO DELETE IT ONCE AGAIN

  6. Ron B Cole says:

    LOL back to see what progress has been made………………NOT ANY ??? But I have I have found I can delete Vibre and just reinstall it,,,,,,,,,,,, and I do and I find it a big pain in the ass.

    Thank goodness most of my calls come and go on SKYPE LOL.

    If you guys cant/wont fix it sell it to some one who can make a good go of it

  7. Deborah says:

    I just deleted Viber. I couldn’t deal with the text noise any longer and lost patience waiting for Viber to make an option to turn it off..
    Nicely done, Viber. There are just too many other great alternative apps to deal with your refusal to fix this issue that’s an annoyance to so many.

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