How to change Viber ringtone

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How to change Viber app ringtone and msg tone? Maybe it is very simple for phones, however, for Viber, it is not so easy. This has been brought to Viber’s attention. However, at this moment this option is not available. Found info at other forum that currently there is no way to change ringtone, they work on that.

From Viber Team:

Unfortunately there still isn’t a way to customize your ringtones.
We realize there is a growing user demand for that, and we certainly plan to add this option in the future, but we still don’t have release date for this.

So You have do it by yourself.

All of the tones are located in /var/mobile/Applications/(viber folder)/

To know where the folder Viber use SBSettings -> More -> App Folders (last option) and click the name Viber.

I assume you want the incoming call ringtone? If so, just replace default.caf with a tone of the same name (backup original first! =D) You have to rename the new ringtone .caf file the same as the old one, for example replace default.caf with a tone of the same name. It’s a good idea to copy and backup all your original tones before renaming.


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