NetTALK DUO VS Google Voice

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I’m generally a huge fan of all things Google, and Google Voice is no exception. I haven’t used it much but it It has some pretty cool features, and it’s completely and totally free. I have only used the Google Voice service on occasion to call my Dad, since he’s the only one who has Google Voice set up on his system that I know of.

The sound is okay, but it does occasionally have the same issues that MagicJack has with the tinny sound and lag. It’s convenient to be able to pop up the little box, type in your number and just talk using the microphone on your headphones. Unfortunately, unless you have a USB type phone made for use with Skype, Google Voice, etc, you have to use your headphones to talk. You can, however, call landline phones using Google Voice, if you have it tied in with another phone (NetTALK, cell, landline, etc). There is no off-line option using Google Voice alone.

Because NetTALK’s voice mail and feature system is pretty basic, a lot of people pair their NetTALK service with Google Voice. If you sign up for Google Voice and port your NetTALK number to Google Voice, you can give people your Google Voice number instead of your NetTALK number or cell number, and when they call those numbers it wil ring your NetTALK number and allow you to use Google Voices better voice mail and contact list options, while still taking advantage of the great NetTALK service and price. You can port all of your numbers to Google Voice, and tell Google Voice where to route your calls.

Google voice transcribes your voice mails and sends them to you in email..or tries to, it’s not really great in terms of accuracy sometimes.

International calls do cost money. Google Voice does let you pick a phone number, and then you can forward it to a landline or confine your calls to internet calls to other Google Voice users. I think it has to forward to an actual landline phone, or a NetTALK (Ooma, Vonage,etc) account to make and receive calls with Google Voice.


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