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Amantel India calling cards, international prepaid phone card long distance cell phone cards to call India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh. Low cost and cheapest prepaid international calling cards and prepaid phone card online to call Nigeria, Kenya, Liberia, Senegal, Uganda, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Ghana, Guyana, Iran, Russia and Egypt from USA and Canada.
Amantel provides PINLESS cards, and they are new type of phonecards that allow you to make phonecalls without the need of entering your PINs (hence the name PINLESS). All Pinless cards sold on’s website are also Rechargeable (which means you can add more money to your phonecard anytime).

Please note that PINLESS cards:
Use a computer program to identify and record the phone number from where you are calling. This is called as ANI (Automatic Number Identification)
ANI allows computer to save your phone number and recognize it when you call again
When you call from a Phone for the first time, you will be prompted to press 1 if you want the computer to remember the phone number, or press 2 if you don’t care
– if you press 1, next time you will not need to enter PIN if calling from the same phone number
– if you press 2, you will need to provide the PIN next time even if calling from the same phone number

Amantel logo

Amantel logo

How to get an Amantel Account
On the Homepage, you can click on a link Sign up Here, or you can click Sign up for an Account when you are prompted during the buying process.
If you already have an account, you can login using your LoginID and password.

How can I use my Amantel phone card
Using phonecards is very easy. Here’s how you can place your calls using a phonecard:
Call the Access number provided with your phonecard PIN, from any touch tone phone (Rotary phone cannot work with phonecards)
Enter your PIN number when prompted by the system (not needed for PINLESS phonecards)
Dial the number you wish to call.
– For international calls, dial 011 + your destination number along with the applicable National and City specific codes
– Within the United States or Canada, dial 1 + your destionation number within the United States or Canada or the Caribbean.

Amantel Dialer
Amantel Dialer allows you to make long distance and international
calls directly from your contact list, without requiring you to dial
long access numbers or PINs. You can download to your iPhone for FREE,
With just a click, the application dials any long distance number
stored on your address book or phone screen that you wish to call.
Don’t pay for high long distance rates from your cell provider. Enjoy
the convenience while saving big on long distance with
low rates.

What is a RECHARGEABLE phonecard
Rechargeable phonecards allow you to add more money to the phonecard. This way, you can keep using the same PIN always.

What is Local Access Card
Instead of the Toll-free access numbers, Local access cards provide you with phonenumbers in your local calling area. You can pick access-numbers that are local to your calling area for making the call. Local Access Cards are usually cheaper than the regular phonecards.
Local Access Card product also has Local Access numbers in addition to Toll-free numbers.
You are solely responsible for choosing access numbers that are local to you and are free of charge. We recommend that you contact your local telephone company to confirm that the number(s) that appear are both local and free of charge for you to call. will not reimburse you for any long distance phone charges incurred.

Can I use the Amantel phone card outside USA
Currently, we have special phonecards that you can use to call worldwide from Canada. Please Click Here to see the phonecards that allow you to place calls from Canada.


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