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In telecommunications, a callback (also written as call-back) occurs when the originator of a call is immediately called back in a second call as a response.

Make calls to and from most landlines in N America, Europe and Asia. Limited to 3 calls per day. Coverage area is not the same as the regular service. The regular service requires you access the service via local access numbers or the internet.

One CallBack Provider
Receive a Callback make free Global Calls
1. Enter Your Phone Number below to receive the
callback call at (country code then phone number).
2. Enter Phone Number You are Calling below
(country code then phone number).
3. Enter FreeCallPin then CALL, your phone will
ring then you will be connected with the number
you are calling.
Limited Coverage – most fixed lines in N America,
Asia and Europe.
3 Calls Per Day Limit



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Web Callback
Web Callback is a technology where a person can enter his or her telephone number in a form on a web site. The company who owns that web site will then receive the Web Callback request and a call center agent will call the person who made the request back on the number they entered.
In some implementations the Web Callback service provider will place outgoing calls to the owner of the web site, and the user, then connect the calls together. An alternative approach is for the web site owner to receive a SMS text message, so they can initiate the call to the web site user.
Some Web Callback service providers allow the Callback form to be embedded into the web site, sometimes matching the look and feel of the existing site. Others, simply add a hyperlink to the site, which is linked to the service providers own site.

International calling Back Service

A callback, in this sense is a method of making low-cost international calls via a third country, usually the United States, where call charges are considerably lower.
In order to use a callback service, a subscriber is allocated a unique number in, for example, the US, which must first be dialled in order to trigger a return call. This is known (in the US) as a Direct Inbound Dialing (DID) number, or in the UK as a Direct Dial-In (DDI) number. Where Caller ID is available, it may be possible to use the same DID number for many different subscribers, as the callback system will be able to recognise each subscriber’s registered number.
On hearing a ringing tone, the subscriber simply hangs up and awaits the callback. On receiving this, usually within a few seconds, the customer picks up the phone and dials the required number. This may mean dialling in the North American format, as most callback services are US-based, and callers are effectively calling from the US. For example, a number in Manhattan would be dialled with the trunk code, area code and subscriber’s number, as follows:
1 212 xxx xxxx
A call to London in the UK, would require the international access code and country calling code, as follows:
011 44 20 xxxx xxxx
In the North American Numbering Plan, 011 is used as the international access code, but in most countries, 00 is used, in line with International Telecommunication Union’s Recommendation E.164.
The cost of making a telephone call via callback consists of two parts, as the caller is effectively paying for an outbound and inbound call at the same time. For example, if a customer from Spain is calling a phone number in Australia, and it costs 8 cents per minute to phone Spain from the US (the callback, which is an incoming call) and 20 cents per minute to phone Australia from the US (the destination call, which is an outgoing call), then the caller will pay a total of 28 US cents a minute. This may still be less expensive than calling directly from Spain to Australia, which is primarily why callbacks are used.

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